Rhoda Kingston

Naturopath, Functional Medicine & ART Practitioner

I am an enthusiastic explorer of all things health and wellness. I am passionate about discovering the causal factors behind complex health conditions and finding the most effective path back to health through the elimination of these causal issues. My own health journey has been a long and winding road, a lifelong journey of discovery allowing me to both empathise with my clients who are going through their own journey and to constantly seek new and more effective answers for complex issues. I have a great passion for anything to do with gut health, allergies/intolerances, chronic infections and toxicity. I love to support people in their own bio-hacking, self discovery and self education when it comes to health. I believe it is with determination and a great integrative team that people can achieve powerful and lasting results. I am very grateful to have had Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD from Seattle as my main mentor since 2007. Through his work, Autonomic Response Testing (ART), one can bypass much of the confusion and get to the heart of complex issues rapidly and with less expense.

I can help you with…

Nutrition & Naturopathy
Kids, Fertility & Women’s Health
Gut Health Diet
Autoimmune Disease Treatment
Lyme Disease Treatment
Chronic Fatigue Treatment & Mental Health
Coaching & Counselling

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