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I am a clinician, teacher and lecturer of Functional/Integrative Medicine (IM) in Australia. I hold a medical degree from Melbourne University, a fellowship with RACGP and a fellowship in Integrative Medicine with A5M (Australasian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). 

I have worked with patients with complex illnesses incl chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) /fibromyalgia, stealth infections, mould CIRS and autism over the past 26 years. Curing myself of CFS through my IM systematic approach-including elucidating genetic MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome)- has given me a deep empathy for the many challenges that my patients face, as well as a great drive and commitment to determine the root causes of my patient’s health issues. 

I have always endeavoured to be the final port of call for my patients by creating a comprehensive management plan, that includes screening and treating chronic infections, addressing environmental toxins and supporting detoxification, boosting energy production on a cellular level, evaluating epigenetics, as well as correcting nutritional and hormonal deficiencies to optimal levels. Balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system also plays a fundamental role in rest, repair and restoring the immune system too.

I am currently writing my first book for patients, Your Vitality Hub: Activating the Healer Within –to empower patients to take back control of their health and vitality.

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