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Medical professionals empowering people to overcome health obstacles.

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Merge Health are medical and allied health professionals passionate in empowering people to overcome their health obstacles and achieve well-being through a range of therapies. Our unique blend of conventional and complimentary therapies provide the best of healthcare to people who are looking for real outcomes.

Personal Information

The collection of personal information by Merge Health is done so with the intention of providing exceptional health care. It is essential for the business, practitioners & staff of Merge Health to maintain current information pertaining to health, finance or contact details. Personal information is stored within our clinic software, Charm EHR, for which the privacy policy can be found at

Where it is suitable, practitioners may contact an external provider, on the patient’s behalf, and only after discussion with the patient. Similarly, Merge Health may receive information from external providers on the patient’s behalf.

The use of Charm EHR allows for communication, storage of information, billing and clinic management within a secure software system. After registering a patient in Charm EHR, patients are invited to register a Patient Portal, Charm PHR, so as to ensure effective & secure communication between Merge Health & our patients.

All Merge Health staff adhere to the Code of Conduct for General Health Services, which can be viewed at Furthermore, all Merge Health practitioners abide by the code of conduct set out by their regulatory body or professional association. For a copy of these, please email your request to [email protected].


Merge Health value the privacy and safety of our patient’s information. We are committed to ensuring that all information we collect is protected against misuse, disclosure or unauthorised access. 

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