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Samantha Van Dort a functional medicine practitioner, women’s health, hormone & fertility naturopath, who’s passion is an integrative approach to women’s hormonal health. Practicing for the last 20 years she has a particular interest in Fertility, IVF Support, Pregnancy Support, Endometriosis, PCOS, Peri Menopause and Thyroid

I focus my expertise on all stages of women’s health from first periods to menopause and everything in between. Shining a light on traditionally ignored subjects in women’s health such as period pain, ovulation signs or menstrual tracking is my passion. Helping women better understand their bodies and hormonal disorders such as PCOS, endometriosis, ovulation dysfunction, infertility, histamine disorders, ovarian cysts, peri menopause etc is what I love to do.

After struggling with personal hormonal issues all my life I understand the need for integrative care in hormonal imbalances and disorders. By integrating diet, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional medicine with functional testing we can reach health goals for patients sooner. With a background in psychology my interests also include the link between hormones, digestion, and metal health. Gut and mental health assessment is also an area that I focus my attention on with each patient. Whether it be pregnancy support for issues such as preeclampsia, or a treatment plan for endometriosis and fertility, education, testing and a holistic approach are the keys to optimal health.

By individualising treatments and making them adaptable to your lifestyle, together we can achieve very positive results. Helping people understand their own body’s they can take back control of their health and vitality.
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