Investing in our health & wellness is a privilege we often take for granted. Instead we prioritise building our wealth, careers, education, family & even leisure activities with our health only jumping up the priority list when it is in deficit, significantly impacting our ability to work & live. I know – I was like this before I experienced chronic illness. I didn’t even consider my health as a priority. I wasn’t unhealthy, I was extremely fit, ate the SAD (standard Australian diet), slept fine, had good relationships, but I wasn’t deliberate about looking after myself in the way my unique biology needed .

This is often the case with many of our clients, travelling along just fine, but brewing underneath is a perfect storm of toxins, chronic nutrient insufficiencies, antibiotic use, chronic exposure to environmental pollutants, chronic high stress & poor sleep. Then one significant trigger a virus, infection, acute psychological stress, trauma or injury tips us over the edge & that storm is unleashed, completely overwhelming the body resulting in dysregulation & dis-ease.  For me the trigger was a virus, but in hindsight there are many deposits I could have made into my health bank that may have prevented ME/CFS disabling my body for so many years. Since my recovery I have been increasingly more deliberate about prioritising my wellness.

I was reminded again recently about the importance of this ongoing investment. Welcoming our newest family member, Minduluyi into the world took enormous strength from a physical, mental & spiritual place. I feel eternally grateful for what the experience of chronic illness taught me about the importance of health. Although I am far from perfect, I believe it was the consistent deposits I had made into my health bank over the years that saved my life, supporting me & my baby through a challenging birth. The health reserve I had built up allowed me to deliver my baby safely, recovery quickly & enjoy the postpartum period.

I will continue to prioritise investing in mine & my family’s health bank and I promise I will do whatever I can to champion you to do the same.

I look forward to seeing you all again in our virtual consulting space.

In health,

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