Integrative and Functional Medicine

Achieving optimal health outcomes.

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Combining mainstream medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine to achieve optimal health outcomes.

This whole-person model focuses on the root causes of illness and is useful for preventive health care, complex and chronic illness.

Work with a practitioner that you can see is most aligned with your needs, or discuss further with your Health Coach at your onboarding appointment. Opt in for the Foundational Test Pack for the most efficient start to your program.

IVF Support and Fertility Naturopathy

Whether you’re thinking about avoiding conception, having a baby, preparing for birth and breastfeeding, or struggling to conceive, work with practitioners who specialise in fertility, or natural contraception and gain the confidence to do it naturally.

Functional Naturopathy and Nutrition

Commonly our Naturopaths and Nutritionists find answers that have often been overlooked. We understand that when you suffer with chronic illness you have often been to a variety of health practitioners with little or no improvement.

Our practitioner take a holistic and functional approach to your healthcare, combining traditional and evidence-based complementary approaches to help you get answers by focusing on identifying and treating the cause, rather than the symptoms alone, and supporting the body to heal itself by strengthening the body’s systems through natural interventions.

Utilising Bio-resonance and Functional testing to identify what is holding you back, we assess gut health, mental health, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies, hormonal health and toxic burden.

Our New Patient Foundations Package Includes:

  • Wellness Kickstarter
  • Foundational Test Pack
  • Initial Consultation
  • Autonomic Response Testing + Review
  • Review Consultation

Integrative Medicine By Telehealth

Dr Tania Ash

Dr Tania Ash

Key support areas include Breast Implant Illness, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and CBD prescribing.

A clinician, teacher and lecturer of Functional/Integrative Medicine (IM) in Australia. Dr Tania Ask holds a medical degree from Melbourne University, a fellowship with RACGP and a fellowship in Integrative Medicine with A5M (Australasian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). Dr Ash has worked with patients with complex illnesses including chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) /fibromyalgia, stealth infections, mould CIRS and autism over the past 26 years.

Read Dr Tania Ash’s full profile here.

Bespoke Pathology Review

Consultation time: 25min

Cost: $150 / Rebate^ – $0 (active clients only)

Pathology Referral: (MC) MEDCAN

Consultation time: 10min

Cost: $50

MEDCAN / CBD Assessment / Review

Cost: $350 / Rebate^ – $79.70

Medical Consultation

Consultation time: 15min

Cost: $143.75 / Rebate^ – $41.20

Consultation time: 30min

Cost: $143.75 / Rebate^ – $79.70

Consultation time: 45min

Cost: $431.25 / Rebate^ – $79.70

Consultation time: 60min

Cost: $575.00 / Rebate^ – $117.40

Consultation time: 90min

Cost: $862.50 / Rebate^ – $117.40

Administration Outside Consultation

Consultation time: 30min

Cost: Medical Certificate / Letter / Script $50 / Rebate^ – $0

Dr Nick Morgan

Key support areas include Chronic fatigue syndrome, gut health, auto-immune, bio-identical hormone replacement, long covid.

A GP with further specialisation in integrative medicine. Dr Nick Morgan obtained his Bachelor of Medicine in 2014 from Newcastle University, and was awarded a distinction in the Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene in Liverpool, UK in 2018. He has since become a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Dr Nick Morgan is a member of The Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine, and ACNEM Fellow. Nick is also a Board Member of The Australian Chronic Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Society, and is a member of the International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illness.

Read Dr Nick Morgan’s full profile here.

Medical Consultation

Consultation time: <20min
Calendar Duration: 15min

Cost: $167 / Rebate^ – $39.75

Consultation time: 20 – 39min
Calendar Duration: 30min

Cost: $250 / Rebate^ – $76.95

Consultation time: 40 – 59min
Calendar Duration: 45min

Cost: $375 / Rebate^ – $76.95

Consultation time: >60
Calendar Duration: 60min

Cost: $500 / Rebate^ – $113.30

Administration – Certificates, Letters

Cost: $50 & Scripts, Referrals = $15

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