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Are you full of energy, accomplishing your goals and excited for what the future holds? Or does that all seem like a distant dream?

Whatever ‘right now’ looks like for you, we have been there.

Our widely-reputed health professionals diagnose and treat
a range of persistent health issues and chronic conditions, giving people hope for real recovery.

Our approach

Instead of the traditional one-practitioner model, we set you up with a dedicated health coach supporting you throughout your entire journey. Your health coach will collaborate with your primary functional and integrative medical practitioner to help you reach your health goals.

Our approach to care.

Why a health coach?

Making the changes needed to create a lasting health transformation requires more support than traditional healthcare settings provide. It’s also why people don’t often get the results they seek. Your health coach will fill the gap between your practitioners and treatment plans, ensuring you have all the tools you need to make those vital changes — nutritionally, behaviourally, emotionally and environmentally.

Benefits of a health coach

  • Your key contact who can help to explain information, assist in adjustments to your plan, and answer any questions
  • They work with your practitioner to ensure you understand objectives and that you have everything that you need
  • They ensure you keep motivated, focused and reaching your health goals
  • They help you make the right choices with your diet and nutrition

Your journey with Merge Health

Patient journeys are based on individual needs but will largely follow these steps.


Wellness Kickstarter

Meet your health coach and start implementing initial diet and lifestyle changes.

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Foundational testing pack

Purchase and complete foundational tests:

  • Food & Chemical Sensitivities Profile
  • Mineral + Heavy Metal Profile
  • Omega Balance Test
  • Bespoke Blood Pathology Review
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Review results

Review foundational test results with your health coach to support your journey, alongside consultation with your primary practitioner:

  • Food & Chemical Sensitivities Profile
  • Mineral + Heavy Metal Profile
  • Omega Balance Test

Complete your bespoke blood pathology

Visit any reputable collection centre with referrals provided as part of your foundational testing pack, to be reviewed by your primary practitioner.


Initial consultation with primary practitioner

See your primary practitioner to get to the root cause of your health complaint and devise your individualised treatment plan.


Functional & bioresonance testing

Complete further specific functional testing and bioresonance Autonomic Response Testing (ART) prescribed by your primary practitioner to understand what toxins, infections, chemicals might be keeping you sick.

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Review results

Review ART and functional testing results to further tailor your plan.


Wellness coaching

Continue regular check-ins with your health coach to review progress, make sure you are on track and revaluate through foundational testing.

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Mindset coaching

Address reactive patterns that are keeping you stuck in illness to prevent relapse, so you can enjoy sustainable long term health outcomes. Group and individual options available.

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Evaluate progress

Continue follow-up consultations with your primary practitioner every 3 — 6 weeks.

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