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Hi! We are Kate and Steph — founders of Merge Health.

Bringing real health and transformation to the lives of people — inspiring them and their community, to see hope and endless possibility.

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Our team was formed after we connected through a mutual passion, that everyone has the potential to be well and live the life they were designed for. Being told that you will be resigned to a wheelchair by the age of 30 (Kate) — or that your body would never be able to cope with the demands of pregnancy, a baby or full-time work (Steph) motivated us to get answers and find health.

With the widespread health issues that impact our society — such as obesity, depression, anxiety, fatigue and hormonal conditions — we developed the collaborative model of health care that challenges the outdated and unrealistic concept of a single practitioner providing everything a patient needs. We are leading the charge towards a new mindset and healthcare framework for both patients and practitioners.

We know that by supporting our patients with good health, there are flow-on effects for their family, workplaces and broader community. We want to start that ripple effect because we know a new approach to healthcare is needed. People face constant demands and pressures on their time and energy and we want to provide a space with all the support they need.

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