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The Wellness Kickstarter is the essential and required first step for all new clients. It provides the starting point for developing a tailor-made treatment plan.

Health Analysis

A series of baseline tests for insights into your current health status.

To maximise your health assessment and treatment, we begin with a comprehensive health check in which we undertake a series of baseline tests including urinalysis, body signs assessment, salivary oxidative stress, detox pathway profile, electrolytes, pH and hydration, and cardiovascular assessment.

Holistic Diet Review & Plan

Build a personalised diet plan that unlocks your health potential without the complexity of a brand new menu.

We will review your diet and make personalised adjustments for the initial step in your treatment plan so you can very quickly see improvements, and allow your primary practitioner to focus on the underlying issues causing you to be unwell.

Treatment Plan

Walk away knowing exactly what to do and how, with confidence that you can make the changes to be well.

Your primary practitioner will also use this information to assess your current health status, to gauge health changes implemented from the WKS and also leverage to contribute to your treatment plan, ensuring you get the most efficient and accurate assessment.

We believe everyone has the ability to live a life full of vitality

Get to the heart of what’s really holding you back. We live in a toxic world where chemicals, bugs and heavy metals are part-and-parcel of our everyday. So when you’re feeling run down, worn out and can’t get on top of your health condition, it’s time to dig deeper to get to the cause. Functional testing offers key insights as to what, exactly, is the issue and provides the starting point to developing a tailor-made treatment plan for complete wellness.

Health insights

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