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Mould Illness Treatment

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Mold illness can occur if you are exposed to mold in your environment.

Molds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors, and they reproduce by releasing tiny spores into the air. When inhaled or ingested, these spores can cause health problems in some people, especially in those with allergies, asthma or weakened immune systems.

Here at Merge Health, we use functional testing to isolate the problem and consider possible toxic burdens from other causes that could be overwhelming your body — chronic infection, parasites, trauma and stress, for example.

Combining nutritional and pharmaceutical interventions, we create the best and most efficient support unique to you.

Household mould

Diagnosing and testing for Mould Illness

If you believe you have mold illness, your first step is to book a wellness kickstarter. See our unique approach to treating mould illness here.

Respiratory Problems

Frequent colds, chest infections and allergies as well as difficulty breathing and wheezing. Those with asthma may also experience bad asthma attacks.

Skin Issues

Mould illness can cause flare-ups of skin rashes like eczema.

Brain Fog

You may experience memory problems, difficulty concentrating and even some anxiety.

Chronic Fatigue

Mould illness can make you feel tired and weak. For more information about chronic fatigue, click here.

How long does mold illness last?

This depends on the length and type of exposure, as well as how well your body detoxifies mold biotoxins. 

Mold illness is often seen as a chronic condition, but there’s hope for a full recovery.

Is mold illness permanent?

No, it’s not permanent. 

However, there are some who, even if they leave the mold affected environment, will have chronic symptoms that come under the banner of CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome), where chronic symptoms persist. These are the majority of people we treat at Merge, and you can still recover!

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