Our practitioners are experts in functional testing to ensure you get the best outcomes.

Lyme disease, parasitic infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and mould illness (CIRS), are real issues that need real treatments that really work. The key to this is to ensure that it is the terrain that needs to be rebalanced, treatment isn’t just about killing bugs. We use functional testing to isolate the problem and combine nutritional and pharmaceutical interventions to create the best, and most efficient outcome.

Mineral & heavy metal scan
A simple non-invasive test that we can perform in clinic, the Oligoscan is a useful diagnostic to identify mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity
Genetic testing
Collected in clinic, a simple pain-free oral swab to identify specific genes that could be contributing to your health status. Diet and lifestyle interventions are then suggested for your individualized genetic make-up to for prevention and treatment.
Functional testing
See our naturopaths, nutritionists, functional & integrative medicine practitioners for a referral to functional diagnostics. Testing that is focussed on individual patient distrubed functioning including gut & microbiome testing, pyrrole testing, methylation, complete hormone and thyroid profiles, organic acids, adrenal function, neurotransmitter levels and genetic testing.
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