It’s not all in your head! Uncover the cause of your anxiety, depression and mood disruption

Mental health conditions are often relegated to the ‘too hard basket’ and far too often prescriptions become the treatment of choice. Our practitioners help you to uncover what is driving your mental health complaints. Whether it be biological such as low thyroid function, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, gut infections or imbalances & food intolerances, or psychological such as stress tolerance, trauma and lack of self-compassion.

Nutrient therapy for mental health
Understand how to use nutrients to support mental health and brain chemical pathways to improve depression, anxiety and mood disorders
DNA support
Understand how your genetics might be impacting your mental health and use nutrients to turn on and off genes to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression
Support a health mindset
Overcome long standing reactive patterns that are holding you back from improving your mental health with our mindfulness therapists & counsellors
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