Targeted treatment and assessment to support your recovery from chronic illness

Lyme disease, parasitic infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and mould illness (CIRS), are real issues that need real treatments that work. The key to this is to ensure that it is the terrain that needs to be rebalanced. Treatment isn’t just about killing bugs. Using functional testing to isolate the problem and combining nutritional and pharmaceutical interventions to create the best, and most efficient outcome.

Naturopathy & Functional Medicine
Experts in identifying and treating complex health complaints. If you have been unwell for a long time, chronic infection and toxic burden might be what is keeping you sick.
Integrative Medicine
An essential part of your collaborative health care team. Our GP’s recognise that chronic infection such as lyme and mould are valid conditions.
TCM & Acupuncture
Gain a unique understanding of the organ level of your condition and work to decrease inflammation and toxic load.
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