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Marina is a Clinical Nutritionist, Health Coach and Fitness Instructor and is passionate about functional nutrition to assist her clients to reach their peak potential. Her very personalised approach has seen amazing success with her clients. She helps develop tasty meal plans, recipes and tailors individual nutrition prescriptions to suit individual needs and conditions.

Here are some interesting facts about Marina:
Who are you?
Hi, I’m Marina – lover of all things food and fitness. Dedicated brunch enthusiast. My life revolves around health – I educate, speak, consult and write about it on my blog and social media. 
Favourite experience?
Diving in the great barrier reef (real-life mermaid for the day).
What are you known for?
I’m known for bringing out a new found motivation in people. I get people excited about the possibilities of what new change can bring. Focussing on assisting the bodies amazing ability to heal itself. I focus on lifestyle, not just diet. I am a very passionate foodie! Some of my specialities are weight loss, optimising body composition, detox + making the changes stick through health coaching techniques (psychology and nutrition background).
What do you do and why?
I get to know you and what your individual food and nutrition needs are. I dig deep, investigating the root cause of conditions and why people set themselves back on their health journey. I investigate to find ‘real’ answers. I am driven to bring out the best in each individual. Health is our greatest wealth – to be well, happy and move freely is our greatest gift and we need to give back to our body! The best part of my job is knowing that each client feels inspired and motivated to reach their truest potential and it all starts with nutrition.
What are you inspired by/whom?
Every day people who work toward being a better version of themselves and encourage others to do the same. It may seem cliche, but I find go-getters like that inspiring.
How do you make a difference?
My point of difference is I strike a cord with my clients. Having once been there myself, I know that change can be tricky – but it is always possible with the right guidance.
What’s your number one self care tip?
Oh gosh – I have too many! Your parents were onto a good thing when they would say ‘eat your veggies’. In practice this is a struggle area for most people, not nearly meeting the recommended servings daily. Ensure you’re eating an array of colourful wholesome plant foods to provide your body with a consistent supply of nutrients and cofactors to support the many processes taking place in your body at each given moment.
Don’t miss your appointment with Marina, call our Wellness Hub on 03 9889 8008 or book an appointment online.
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