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Merge Health helps people achieve real and lasting health transformations by combining functional and integrative medicine with health and lifestyle coaching.

Getting to the root cause

Our approach focuses on identifying and treating the cause of your health issue, not just the symptoms.

A trusted process that works

With Merge, you get access to a team of experts that will guide you through your treatment, starting with the Wellness Kickstarter.

Whole person healthcare

No two people are alike, and so no two treatment plans should be. We focus on the whole person to help you transform your health.

We help people with:

Hormonal Imbalance
Hormonal Imbalance
Gut Health
Gut Health
Mould Illness
Mould Illness
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Fatigue

Hope for real recovery

As practioners who have battled chronic health struggles ourselves, recovery can feel impossible. Our approach addresses behavioural, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle changes that empower you take control of your health.

Meet our team

  • Kate McCandless
    Kate McCandless
    Founding Director, Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Coach Buteyko Breathing & Klinghardt A.R.T. Practitioner Enneagram Coach

    “I help people with complex health conditions regain their passion for life”

  • Steph Gadsden
    Steph Gadsden
    Founding Director, Naturopath, Mindset Coach, Functional Medicine, Buteyko Breathing & Klinghardt A.R.T. Practitioner

    “I help you to get answers and find health”

  • Dr Nicholas Morgan
    Dr Nicholas Morgan
    GP with further specialisation in integrative medicine

    “I help you address your health challenges through investigation of the root cause.”

  • Dr Tania Ash
    Dr Tania Ash
    Integrative GP, CBD Prescriber, MCAS Literate Practitioner

    “I help you address your health challenges through investigation of the root cause.”

  • Samantha Van Dort
    Samantha Van Dort
    Women’s Health & Fertility Naturopath

    “I help women gain control over their hormones, periods and fertility.”

  • Sarah Bakker
    Sarah Bakker
    Health Coach & Patient Advocate

    “I love to nurture & motivate my clients towards health, to teach and to empower so that they may reach…”


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Health insights

  • Estrogen, histamine & your hormones
    Did you know there is a strong link between histamine and estrogen? Although this link has been known for a while, its only now getting the attention it deserves. So, what is histamine? Histamine is a chemical stored in immune cells called mast cells. It signals the immune system to react causing allergies and swelling. It is also involved in nerve cell transmission, neurotransmitters, helps to regulates fertility and ovulation, stimulates stomach acid, the brain, the heart, the liver and other organs. High levels of Estrogen trigger Histamine, and vice versa Histamine and estrogen influence one another and can exacerbate each other’s effects. The symptoms of this are wide and varied due to the wide distribution of histamine receptors in the body, with women tending to have higher levels of these receptors. Histamine receptors are found throughout the female reproductive system, including the uterus and ovaries, so it is understandable that histamine have a large influence on hormonal symptoms. What is important to note is elevated levels of histamine will stimulate your ovaries to release more estrogen, and when your estrogen levels rise, it triggers the release of more histamine. Increase in either can cause or exacerbate unwanted symptoms Symptoms…

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