Are you feeling stressed and have heard about the benefits of Mindfulness but don’t know where to start?
Have you noticed that the way you talk to yourself is harsher than how you would talk to others?
Are you impacted by anxiety, depression and self criticism?

Mindful Self Compassion is a course that can help you!

Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) is an evidenced based 8 session program that teaches the skills of mindfulness – how to be more aware and focussed on the present, and self compassion – how to treat yourself with the same kindness and care that you give to others in your life.
The MSC program was developed by Christopher Germer PhD, a leading Clinical Psychologist and lecturer on Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Dr Kristin Neff PhD, an associate professor of educational psychology whose ground-breaking research informed the program.

This course is perfect for anyone who:
– Wants to begin a meditation or mindfulness practice (or deepen their current practice)
– Wants an introduction to mindfulness practice that is inclusive to all experience levels, religions, and spirituality
– Suffers from stress, anxiety, depression or harsh self criticism
– Struggles with difficult emotions such as shame and guilt
– Wants to stop being so hard on themselves

Scientifically backed benefits of the program include:
– Improvements in happiness and wellbeing
– Beneficial changes in health markers such as stress hormones and blood pressure
– Reduced anxiety and depression
– Better communication in relationships
– Greater engagement in healthy habits and commitment to goals and values

What the course involves:
– 8 x 2 hour group sessions with qualified Naturopath, Counselor and Mindfulness Teacher Jad Patrick at Merge Health (light snacks provided – gluten free and dairy free!)
– A manual for home practice, free audio meditations, and a bonus one-on-one half hour session with Jad to deepen your practice of skills
– Each session will involve a guided meditation, informal practices to help you to become more mindful and compassionate in daily life, theory and science behind self compassion, and individual and group exercises
– Weekly email containing free audio meditations and further videos and theory to develop your skills

Take the Self Compassion Test!
Find out how Mindful and Self Compassionate you are, and whether this course may be perfect for you!
Take the Self-Compassion Test

“It was a great pleasure to learn from Jad about mindful self-compassion. Before this course, I had been very self-critical and had to constantly battle against the voice in my head to be ‘perfect’. I have significantly improved my level of self-compassion after learning from him. Jad is an amazing mindfulness practitioner and teacher. His engagement style with the students is thoughtful, patient, and refreshing.”

– Program goes for 8 sessions starting Wednesday nights 6:30pm to 8:30pm on March 23rd.
– Finishes May 25th (will have a 2 week break for Easter School Holidays)

At Merge Health 924 Riversdale Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127

The cost of the 8 session program is $600 with payment plans available. For further information or to book a free 5 min info call with Jad to ask questions about the program contact Merge Health 03 9889 8008.

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