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ZAZEN WATER – Streamline Shower Filter


Are you aware of the potential harms from taking a hot, steamy shower?
When it comes to the safety of our water, it is typically our concern when we are drinking it. Shower water, however, can be up to three times more toxic, once it heats up unfiltered water. A Harvard University Study in 2012 found that a link may exist between the inhalation and absorption of harmful chemicals and vapours, such as chlorine, can lead to heightened risks of diseases like renal cancer.

It is as the water is heated that these dangerous chemicals and contaminants present from the unfiltered water are vaporised, and when trapped in a confined shower stall, breathing them in is increased exponentially, permitting these harmful elements to enter seamlessly into the blood stream. This could even exacerbate pre-existing conditions, such as asthma. Absorption through the skin can then prompt the chlorine to dry across the dermal area and scalp, resulting in strong sensitivity and irritation, especially if someone is already a sufferer of eczema.

Everyone – and I mean every household needs a ZAZEN Shower filter! I just wouldnt know what to do without it! Whenever I travel or am away from home for any reason the difference is so evident – Chlorine, chlorine chlorine! Do yourself a favour and try one if you dont have one – Amazing!


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Shower filter in chrome colour, designed to be used with your own shower head. Works with handheld and some wall mount showers, see specification checklist below to confirm compatibility. Please note: not compatible with Instant Gas Hot Water Systems.

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