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RN LABS – Quercesorb


RN Labs Quercesorb delivers a highly absorbable & bioavailable form of Quercetin using patented phytosome technology.




60 cap(s)




Quercesorb offers greater clinically effective delivery of active ingredients. Scientific studies demonstrate that Phytosome formulations show better solubility, pharmacokinetic and efficacy characteristics than non-phytosome formulations.

Quercetin has been shown to significantly reduce oxidation, inflammation, pain and support the immune system. It therefore has the potential to support a broad range of health conditions related to areas such as allergy, skin inflammation, anti-viral defense, cardiovascular health, weight management & metabolic function, as well as novel uses for exercise recovery in athletes.

Patented Phytosome technology (using sunflower lecithin)

Up to 20 times greater quercetin absorption

Evidenced by clinical studies

Mast cell stabilisation and histamine management.

Provides anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & analgesic support

Supports natural anti-viral defences.

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