MEDLAB – Lactoferrin Enhanced


A unique combination of lactoferrin, olive leaf extract, probiotics and zinc to support a healthy immune response and regulate gastrointestinal health


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Lactoferrin Enhanced – Probiotic Skin Support

Lactoferrin Enhanced contains a clinically trialled combination of lactoferrin, zinc and vitamin E, formulated with olive leaf extract and selected probiotic strains to relieve acne symptoms and support immune health.

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring glycoprotein found in mucosal secretions, human milk and colostrum. It is a component of the innate immune response and may protect against a variety of pathogens. Lactoferrin combined with Zinc and Vitamin E may provide anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, to help reduce inflammatory lesions associated with mild-moderate acne vulgaris and contribute to improving overall skin health. Bonolive® is a clinically trialled olive leaf extract, shown to have excellent bioavailability of bioactive metabolites in pharmacokinetic research. Bonolive® has been shown to improve serum lipid profiles and promote bone health by stimulating osteoblast growth.

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