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Daily Essential Micronutrients

Sangreal is the ultimate ‘multivitamin’ for people that truly want to see and feel a real uplift in their health and wellbeing.

No matter how diligent you are in taking care of yourself nor whether you lead a healthy lifestyle, many factors are out of your control. Think: environmental toxins, diminishing nutrient densities of fresh foods and everyday stress. The premium ingredients in Sangreal have been scrupulously selected to offset the stressors we’re all exposed to in our modern lifestyles.

Sangreal is the integral part of the baseline nutritional support that we recommend Adults take every day.




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The blend of essential micronutrients that are found in Sangreal, work to support your energy levels, while maintaining your overall health and wellbeing.

The premium vegan ingredients have also been selected to:

• Assist in your body’s metabolism of nutrients and help balance out dietary deficiencies.
• Maintain healthy thyroid gland function.
• Support your blood health, energy production, carbohydrate metabolism and your nervous system function.
• Reduce the free radicals formed in your body.

Active B Vitamin matrix to support your energy

Active forms of B Vitamins, as contained in Sangreal, are readily used by your body to help support regular energy levels and production, while offsetting antioxidant behaviour and reducing your free radical damage.

Vitamin K2m7 and Lutein

Sangreal contains generous doses of a patented, natural form of K2m7 from Italy – a type of Vitamin K found in some fermented foods, and a patented, powerful carotenoid called lutein that is extracted from marigold flowers and sourced from the USA.

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