GREAL – Mg Trilogy


Triple Sourced Bio-Magnesium

Many people are unknowingly deficient in magnesium. And yet recent science indicates that it plays a critical role in over 600 of our body’s functions.

Mg Trilogy harnesses the power of three fully reacted, highly bioavailable forms of magnesium bonded with vital nutrients that each play a starring role in these functions. Greal®’s formula supports muscle health and function, bone mass and density, and general health and wellbeing – all of which are vital to everyday life.

Start taking Mg Trilogy daily to refresh your body, and support your overall health and wellbeing.




180 cap(s)




Magnesium deficiency is rampant, in part due to the declining mineral content of soils and modern farming techniques to yield greater crop, and in others, an increase in the prevalence of processed and pre-packaged foods – not simply poor diet.

In Mg Trilogy, we’ve combined the three pure magnesium chelates from Germany, France and the USA.

These vegan minerals work together to:

• Support general health and wellbeing.
• Support bone density.
• Support muscle health.
• Relieve muscle cramps and reduce mild muscle spasms when dietary intake is inadequate.
• Support the cardiovascular and nervous systems health when dietary intake is inadequate.
• Support magnesium levels in the body and help prevent dietary magnesium deficiency.

Chemically bound to glycine, citric acid and glycerophosphate to enhance absorption

Magnesium can only work its magic when properly absorbed by the body. Mg Trilogy is a fully reacted formula that enhances the solubility and absorption of Magnesium so you can experience its full benefits. It is poignant to note that we do not adulterate Mg Trilogy in a widely used process called “buffering,” which manipulates the claimable magnesium content of a capsule or tablet with the addition of cheap and poorly absorbed forms like magnesium oxide or unreacted magnesium.

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