GREAL – Adrenal Elizir


Phyto-Adaptogenic Extracts

Periods of heightened stress and the ongoing daily stresses of modern life, can eventually take its toll on your health.

Adrenal Elixir works to naturally relieve your symptoms of stress and mild anxiety, while the powerful, high quality ingredients we’ve sourced simultaneously support your energy levels and improve your cognitive performance.

Everyone can benefit from the support and increase in cognitive performance that taking Adrenal Elixir daily, affords.




60 cap(s)




Containing premium, organic and wildcrafted herbal extracts, Adrenal Elixir supports your healthy emotional and mood balance, and enhances your body’s response to stress. All while supporting your energy levels and enhancing your cognitive performance.

This Vegetarian formula has also been developed to:

• Relieve your symptoms of stress and mild anxiety.
• Support your healthy adrenal gland function.
• Support your mental function.
• Reduce the free radicals formed in your body.

Adaptogens to build stress resilience

When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands go into overdrive. Greal®’s Adrenal Elixir harnesses the power of adaptogens to support a more balanced stress response in a process that’s thought to augment the optimal production of stress hormones and cortisol.

Wildcrafted Rhodiola to improve cognitive performance

Clinical trials concluded that Rhodiola has beneficial effects on cognitive performance. It’s also been shown to support mood balance, and healthy cognitive function. Greal sources the most powerful form available, from Siberia.

Siberian Ginseng to reduce symptoms of stress

Eleuthero is an adaptogenic herb that helps support your energy levels, cognitive function, and assists your body in coping during periods of stress.

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