Achieve a greater sense of mental & physical well-being, decrease stress, reduce anxiety, improve your mood, manage chronic pain and increase attention and focus.

Merge Health Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Course’s will teach you the practical skills to tackle recurring anxiety, depression, stress, sleep disturbances, chronic pain, increase focus & attention, maintain healthy relationships, set realistic boundaries & engage in healthier habits such as a good diet and exercise.

Increase Productivity
Decrease anxiety & stress
Improve mood

Mindfulness – Integrative-Cognitive-Behavioural -Therapy (MiCBT)

Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MiCBT)

Based on the well researched mindfulness technique, MiCBT integrates mindfulness skills with cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) to enhance greater awareness of potential harmful thinking patterns and physical sensations that maybe contributing to poor states of health.

What you will learn:

Tricks to truly practice mindfulness in day to day life (yes, everyone can do it)
Become aware of your mind-body connection (MBC), recognise triggers to dis-ease
How the MBC influences your state of mind and health outcomes
Improved relaxation skills and be able to really switch off
Think more clearly and control intrusive thoughts
To apply Mindfulness skills to assist in breaking & changing behaviours.
Increased level of well-being eg. energy, sleep quality, focus & concentration, weight-loss.


Mindful Self-Compassion

Have you ever noticed that the way we treat ourselves is often quite different to how we would treat a close friend or loved one? We usually respond to other peoples difficulties with compassion, encouragement and kindness, yet often our own inner voice can be harsh and self-critical. Mindful Self Compassion is the antidote to this harsh, and often counter productive, self-critical approach. In this 8 week evidence based program you will learn 3 core aspects of self compassion.

What you will learn:

Mindfulness: being open to the reality of present moment that releases the internal struggle with how things are, and learn to respond with ease.
Common humanity: recognising we are not alone in our struggles, and developing a sense of authentic connection.
Kindness: learning to respond to our OWN suffering with the same compassion we would do to a close friend. Motivating ourselves with encouragement instead of self-criticism and living in accordance with our deepest values.



30 minute one-on-one session with MSC / MiCBT therapist.
8 x 1.5hr (MiCBT) or 2hr (MSC) group sessions
Materials for course including audio MP3 and workbook
Guidance & feedback by a skilled MSC / MiCBT certified therapist
MiCBT / MSC Coaching & Support FB Group
Healthy Snacks to keep you focussed


Full Fee for 8 week course: $600 + GST
50% deposit required on registration (full payment before commencement)
Payment plans can be negotiated


Wednesday nights
March 23rd
6:30pm > 8:30

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