By Anastasia Allimonos – Massage Therapist

Did you know most of your muscular and joint pain results from a wrong posture? Dr Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize winner for Brain Research, proved that 90% of the brain energy is directed to coordinate human’s body to the gravity, and only 10% is used for thinking, metabolism and healing! Therefore each time we shift our centre of gravity from alignment, we start using the energy to endure with excessive gravity force rather than use it for productive thinking and efficient self-healing.

For example, for every inch your head moves forward, additional 5 kilos is applied to your neck to support this weight.

When the body is incorrect postural alignment, it moves evenly, distributes weight appropriately and allows us to use our muscles properly and to work more efficiently with less fatigue. The muscles, joints and spine work together to help us perform our daily activities without pain.

As soon as we sway away from our ideal postural position

  1. your body loses its natural balance;
  2. your muscles start working in a way they aren’t designed to, 
  3. your muscles become tense or too weak.

Over time our body adjusts to these changes. Without realising it, we adapt our posture to new muscle tone, and that is how we start slumping, shrugging shoulders, pulling head forward, winging shoulder blades etc. As our body wasn’t originally designed to do this, it starts giving us signals in the form of pain. When this happens, it means we have to do some steps to alleviate this pain to prevent worsening. These steps include improving our posture with massage and stretches (to relax tensed muscles) and strengthening exercises (to strengthen weak muscles).

Being aware of good posture is the first step to breaking old poor postural habits and reducing stress and strain on the spine,  other body parts and redirect your brain capacity to productive thinking instead. 

A postural assessment give you a heap of information to what  might be going on in your body.

Good news, we offer a free 15 min postural assessment with your first massage session!! So you can check to see if your brain power is being wasted on correcting posture instead of productive thinking and healing! 

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