Have you ever tried a detox or anti-microbial regimen and awful during the process and perhaps even afterwards as well? Throughout the past several years, detoxing has become more and more sought after – but little do many people know that binders are the most essential component of any successful detox (and anti-microbial) regimen. In fact, not using binders is the most common mistake people do and can often cause “enterohepatic recirculation” or more commonly known as retox, which is essentially when toxins recirculate back into the body.

So, what exactly are binders?

There are many different types of binding agents, which have either broad or specific actions of effectively attaching to and eliminating various toxins such as:

• Heavy metals such as mercury and lead
• Light metals such as aluminium
• Mould and mycotoxins
• Pesticides
• Pathogens
• Endotoxins
• Amalgam removal

Binders are commonly taken in the form of either gels, tablets or powders, whereby the specific binder chosen depends on the individual’s health goals. An example is, if having metal amalgams removed chlorella or coriander may be chosen, as these two agents specifically target the removal of mercury.

Some binders we love and use regularly in clinic include:


Toxaprevent Pure


If you are interested in learning more about binders and how they can help you, book in to see one of our knowledgeable practitioners here or give us a call on 03 9889 8008.


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By Fallon Cashell – Naturopath & A.R.T practitioner

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