We’re all as busy and fatigue is often an inevitable by-product of a jam-packed schedule. When we’re feeling flat, many of us turn to caffeine and sugar which can often make us  crash even harder than before. You’ve heard us share what a good diet, exercise, sleep and wellness practice looks like, but this month we asked our practitioners to share their favourite energy hacks. Next time you’re dozing off at your desk, don’t reach for that sugary snack or coffee, try these:

Cut straight the source: Stress

Our resident GP, Dr Wes reminds us how important it is to unplug from your devices early in the day to ensure a good 8 hours of sleep. While you’re at it, practice just 5 or 10 minutes of mindful meditation once or twice a day. Slow down the million cogs that are turning in your brain and give your body a chance to charge up again. You’ll be amazed at the second wind you can get after a short afternoon meditation.

Get back to sleep to wake up fresh

If your quality of sleep is poor, your energy levels will be even poorer. Merge Health’s founding Director and Clinical Nutritionist Kate, recommends a sugar & salt blood dis-regulation mix to help those who tend to find themselves hungry or waking frequently during the night. This can be as a result of a drop in blood sugar levels. Simply mix a 1:1 ratio of sugar (coconut nectar or natural sugar) and whole salt (sea salt, Murray River salt or vegetable salt) into a small jar or dish. Next time you wake, lick your thumb and dip into the mix, then suck off. You’ll find yourself settling back to sleep in no time.

Magnesium is your new best friend

Research has found that 70% of Australian women are not consuming enough Magnesium in their diets. Our Womens Health Specialist and Naturopath, Samantha, recommends taking a good quality supplement mid afternoon to see a noticeable difference in your energy levels. Magnesium is also a powerful player in supporting your hormones, nervous system, vitamin D absorption, muscle, tissue, gut and much more. A great blood sugar balancing nutrient, taking Magnesium mid afternoon also helps curb those sugar cravings, something that can be particularly prevalent for women with PCOS.

Look below the surface

Our Founding Director, Naturopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner Steph, suggests that if you are always tired, no matter how early you get to bed or how great your diet is, it’s worth checking for hidden infections. You don’t have to have diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome for viruses, bacteria & parasites to be literally sucking the life out of you! An easy & non-invasive way to get a quick snap shot if hidden infections may be draining your energy is with Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T). Developed by Dr Klinghardt, this advanced form of biofeedback helps to take a deeper look at what is stressing the body and your energy. Steph, Kate and Fallon are the practitioners at Merge Health trained in this approach and can help you to get answers quickly and painlessly. Book an appointment here.

Photo by Alexei Scutari on Unsplash
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