Have you ever wondered how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you get to your health goals? Do you suffer with anxiety? Chronic got issues? Lingering infections? Or are you simply struggling to find the energy to get through the day? TCM may be just for you!

Find out how you can stimulate your bodies’ own healing mechanism with our TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist Oscar.

This timeless bridge can initiate holistic change and help unlock your true potential while addressing your individual health needs to empower body, mind and harmonise spirit.

Here are 5 ways Chinese Medicine can help treat chronic health problems from our very own Oscar:

1. Eat well, drink enough water, sleep well. This is essential to support our natural batteries because a minimum standard level of vitality is necessary to overcome this issues.

2. Move around. Keep your blood circulation active, but avoid strenuous exercise. Movement is essential to promote a healthy circulation and aid in chronic inflammation. In addition, it enhances our detox pathways by increasing liver blood flow. Remember that you have batteries, so don’t overstrain them with excessive exercise/activity.

3. Protect yourself from harsh environments and act according to the seasons. This means that you should cover yourself if it’s cold and do not overheat during our strong summers. Living in accordance to our seasons is an ancient Chinese secret to conserve longevity.

4. Think positively, practice mindfulnessThe mind is a powerful tool to overcome suffering. A good change always starts with the right positive-thinking. Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools to change your mind into a more confident and functional being by accessing your true self.

5. Access professional Team Care. Accessing a collaborative health group offers you an opportunity to tackle your symptoms and concerns from different angles and treatment approaches. Since chronic health can be due to a combination of different issues or from a long-standing disease, a combined treatment approach can provide the necessary coverage and expertise to cover the multiple issues and problems that belong to chronic diseases.

Oscar is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor specialising in chronic fatigue and infection – his experience and passion to see his patients reach their health goals, no matter what the condition may be is truly inspiring and a testament to him as a practitioner.

Imagine what could be possible? To book in a session with Oscar, and take your health to new heights call us on (03) 9889 8008. Or drop by our Wellness Hub for a chat at 924 Riversdale Road, Surrey Hills.

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