Have you heard your GP talk about the importance of self care? Taking time out for yourself is not often talked about in a regular doctors appointment – but it should be! Merge Health integrative GP Dr Wes knows first hand the importance of prioritising self care in preventing disease and maintain great health. Listen to Dr Wes’s 3 self care tips that he practices daily to keep him healthy, happy & able to continue to help others.

Dr Wes prioritises, sleep & getting to bed before 10pm, being mindful & not comparing yourself to others and taking time out to reflect on the experiences of the day.

If you can incorporate these three simple self-care tips every day it will change your health for the better.


Book in an appointment with Dr Wes, our Integrative GP, Biobalance Doctor, and Medical Acupuncturist to speak about sleep or get help with nutrition and naturopathy, integrative medicine, coaching and counselling, TCM and acupuncture, autoimmune disease treatment, and lyme disease treatment. 

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