We relate to inflammation when something is swollen, hot, painful, numb and restricted.  Inflammation comes from various places in our body. It can either be an internal feeling or an external feeling. 

3 simple steps for you and your family to reduce inflammation:

  1. Food is medicine – I am a firm believer inflammation stems from what we put into our body. As we walk down the supermarket aisle there are so many options (sometimes too many). I use the more than 5 ingredient rule. If there are more than 5 ingredients on a packet it means that this particular food is highly processed Inflammation is sparked when we consume high volumes of sugars and starch  This effects our immune system, nervous system and detoxification system  Exercise.  
  2. Aiming for 10,000 steps per day! – This seems like a lot but let me tell you it is less than you might think. It is most definitely achievable, regular movement, taking breaks when working or even going for a lunch time or after dinner walk. This all adds up to that 10,000 steps! Movement rewards your body, it helps with better digestion , better quality of life , reduces the risk of developing high blood sugar problems and reduces the risk of heart attacks.  
  3. Stress – It effects everything! I really mean EVERYTHING, from your immune system, hormones, sleep, food choices, circulation. This is where lifestyle disease starts. Due to living such a busy life we neglect stress and just ‘keep pushing through’. I believe deep breathing is so important, this allows the grey matter in our brain to increases whilst meditation also stimulates neuronal activity.This aids your sleep quality and concentration whilst lowering blood pressure.

There you have it! Some steps for you to implement change in your lifestyle. These small changes become new habits and these habits are a recipe for a longer, healthier and happier life.


By Rebecca Soosay


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