Practitioner Referred A.R.T

Booking Information

As we do not interact with your patients, you will create files for your patients using your work email address.

Each time you create a patient file, use the same work email, and the files will be automatically linked so you can access under one login.

Please do not send through patient details or files on another patient login, or to our email, or on social media – this quickly gets confusing for the testing prac.

The patient does not need to be available, but ideally is not using a mobile phone, or working in close range of electricals (eg. mobile phone, computer) at the time.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Date of Birth (this is important to be correct)
  4. Gender
  5. Email – MUST be your work / professional email as we will not be interacting with your clients
  6. Phone – MUST be your work / professional number as we will not be interacting with your clients
  7. Click ‘next’
  1. Enter ‘Reason for appointment’ with your name – ‘referred by Dr So-and-So’
  2. Enter the ‘Image Text’ for the capture security
  3. Click ‘Confirm’ – TWO confirmation EMAILS will be sent to you:
    1. Questionnaire Notification – with the link to the portal & ART Review Questionnaire
    2. Appointment Confirmation – please ignore attachments.
  4. On the Questionnaire Notification – please click the link to confirm and login to the portal.
  1. Once logged into the patient file, complete the “ART Review Questionnaire”(think ‘referral’) form for the first, and each time before testing.

    Most practitioners have copied this and sent a version to their client to complete, so you copy and paste the detail only.

    The ART Review is essential so that we are not searching through files to find the relevant information.

    Please include here the supplements the patient is on, and any key points you want tested, or need insights to.

  2. Click ‘next’
  1. Upload into ‘Documents’ 1 x clear Profile photo of the patient (PDF / JPG / Image file). 
  2. It is helpful this is uploaded (make sure you “SHARE” with me or I can’t see it), rather than sent as a message in the portal

ONLY IF IN PDF / JPG / Image file Format 

We can’t use your patient file to search for information needed for testing – all prac forms are different;   we lose the ‘flow’ and sense of what is happening with the client if we are constantly interrupted to search for the relevant detail needed, and slows down testing significantly.

However, if there is something specific you want us to review, or if we get a ‘block’ during testing, this can be helpful if we need extra information. 

We do use it if we need more insights for some clients, but your key points should be in the ART Review Form

Payment will be processed as soon as testing commences; and the invoice / receipt will be sent through the portal at the end of the day.

Please call to put a credit card on file for the testing: +61 3 9889 8008


If you prefer to avoid a call, send your card details to me in the portal (secure).

Once we have finished testing, updated the consultation notes, added the relevant supplements and dosage instructions, we’ll send through the results in my testing format, within 2 business days.

I don’t write an additional, interpretive report but will give you:

  1. The pattern that we see
  2. What seems to be the highest priority
  3. Questions that would be helpful for the practitioner to better treat the client 

Full payment is required if appointments are rescheduled, missed or cancelled with less than 2 business days (Monday -Friday) notice. At its discretion, Merge Health requires up-to-date credit card on file and apply charges in the event of an outstanding payment or missed appointment without notice. As a service to you we remind you of all appointments the day before via sms and 3 days before via email, though all systems are imperfect and aren’t 100% reliable, and we encourage to use your own methods to remind yourself of the upcoming appointment.

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