Chronic fatigue symptoms may include feeling tired, not being able to sleep, waking up not rested, and waking up periodically through the night.  Other symptoms may include feeling dizzy especially when standing up, abdominal bloating, getting sick all the time, food intolerances, and simply not feeling right. 

What testing is there for chronic fatigue?

There are many tests that are available for chronic fatigue, both blood tests, and other tests.  One of the most useful tests that are available is what we call complete digestive stool analyses or CDSA.  This will give an indication of the normal bacteria of the bowel and what is lacking among these normal bacteria.

This differs from a regular test that is done at a doctor, which usually only tests for abnormal bacteria in the stools.  There are particular bacteria that tend to grow in greater numbers in people who suffer from fatigue. 

The gut is a particularly important part of treating fatigue because of the effect that these bacteria have on the gut and the rest of the body.  In fact, these bacteria can have an effect on the mind so that they indirectly cause problems in being able to focus and concentrate or even sleep.  So people have problems concentrating on a certain task or sleep.

Why do people suffer from immune deficiency syndrome?

A large amount of the immune system is found in the gut and therefore, the bacteria in the bowel have a major impact on the immune system.   Therefore, one of the features of chronic fatigue syndrome is that sufferers will get sick more easily. By improving the gut and the healthy bacteria in the gut, people with immunodeficiency syndrome will improve their symptoms.  This result in a person getting sick less often

So what will a fatigue management plan involve?

Inputting together a tiredness management plan will involve lifestyle changes, that include nutrition, sleeping, physical activity, stress management and reduction, nutritional supplements where needed.  Some other therapies may be useful such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and other psychological therapies.

By looking at these separate components, and then making the relevant changes, the body starts to work in the way that is was designed to work and therefore will help to heal itself.

Have you got a plan for the symptoms that you are suffering from?  What are you going to do about your tiredness?

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