It’s not at all surprising that fatigue and poor energy is becoming more prevalent with the get-up-and-go culture we live in. Long hours and late nights coupled with little time spent on taking time out for ourselves is a good recipe for burnout.

But what if there is a way to untangle your thoughts, create more clarity in your life and boost your energy levels all while fighting fatigue – would you choose that option?

There are many roads that lead to feeling flat and fatigued. Feeling tired all the time isn’t necessarily from a lack of sleep. Working with a practitioner to investigate other causes is an important part of reducing fatigue and optimising the interconnected facets that make up great health.

Are you finding it difficult to make decisions – no call to action? Is brain-fog getting the better of you? Is your energy at an all time low?

If that answer is a big yes, here are seven tips to create a calm mind and a renewed energetic you!

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects to address fatigue and poor energy. Basically a diet rich in plant based food, usually fresh vegetables is the general rule.  A rainbow coloured range of vegetables should be on the plate.  About 70-80% of the plate should be vegetables. The rest should be protein such as meat, fish and eggs.

2. Sleep

Sleep is the next integral part of the program.  It’s important to get regular hours of sleep, going to bed early preferably at about 9-10 pm and having a good 8 or 9 hours of sleep is key.  Some people find napping to be useful to recharge during the day. There is a substance called tryptophan which is the substance that is used to manufacture chemicals in the brain that are used for sleep. There are tryptophan rich foods, which may be eaten to increase the levels of tryptophan in the body.

3. Exercise

This does not need to involve expensive equipment or gym memberships. Hand weights, a skipping rope, are just some of the simple equipment that may be used in order to strengthen the body and get it back to tip-top shape. Increasing the exercise level gradually, initially starting with just a few minutes a day, and building up to 30 minutes or more per day.  30 minutes of walking per day will exert the body and maintain the body at a level of fitness that will not only improve energy levels, but lengthen your life.

4. Emotional Energy/Relationships

One of the areas that many people neglect is the area of psychological health. Negative emotions may impact a person’s energy levels to the point that they feel tired and listless.  Acknowledging negative emotions and how they are affecting you is crucial in addressing lack of energy.  Emotions such as anger, guilt, anxiety and depression are just some of the feelings that cause an effect. Keeping a journal of how you feel may also be useful. Being aware of how negative emotions are affecting you and the people around you is important.

5. Mindfulness

There are traditional mind-body practices that have been around for a long time that are now gaining popularity, because modern science is now proving their usefulness. Mindfulness meditation is one of them. Because we live in a world that is full of anxiety, where people are constantly rushing this is one practice that we could all use to slow down. Mindfulness is essentially being present, which may involve certain techniques such as focussing on breathing. Learn more about Mindfulness with Steph Gadsden, Mindfulness & Integrative Mental Health Expert, Naturopath and recoveree from chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. Spiritual health

Many people find that when they are part of something bigger than themselves that they are encouraged and helped. Prayer and meditation are just some activities that can help to become more spiritually aware. Being part of a spiritual community is also incredibly beneficial for a lot of people

7. Financial

In my practice, I see many people who are stressed by finances.  My one tip for this is spend less than you earn.  Have a financial buffer. Don’t succumb to the banks offering you credit.

If fatigue and better health is something you want handled in your life give our Wellness Hub a call on 03 9889 8008 or visit our website

Written by Merge Health

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