What are the 5 Levels of Healing?

The 5 Levels of Healing is a systematic model developed by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, to help understand the many layers of healing that help us get better – and which interventions may be uniquely useful to us in certain illness or disease states.

The 5 Levels Explained

1st Level

The 1st level represents the physical body, which we are most familiar with. It incorporates manual therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathic, Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T), diet, herbal medicine and surgery, which help to address our physical structure and biochemistry.

2nd Level

The 2nd level is our energy body, which includes our nervous system, how we process feelings and emotions, and our meridian system. The therapies that help our 2nd level include acupuncture, A.R.T, neural therapy, qi gong and meditation.

3rd Level

The 3rd level is known as our mental body. This system governs our conscious and unconscious mind – our thoughts, beliefs and attitude which create the lens of our perception and reality. The best-utilised therapies for the 3rd level are homoeopathy, mental field therapy, A.R.T and applied psycho-neurobiology.

4th Level

Our 4th level is known as the intuitive body. This level resembles the collective unconscious, dreams, intuition, and symbology. On this level family constellations are best utilised, as well as psychotherapy, astrology, applied psycho-neurobiology and colour & sound therapy.

5th Level

The 5th level is the spiritual body. On this level, a practitioner cannot intervene, it is the journey of the individual to explore their spirit, which can be in the form of prayer, chanting, true meditation, and innate healing.

True Healing

The 5 levels of healing truly capture the significance of us being more than just our body. True healing can sometimes require interventions on specific levels that aren’t necessarily physical, as a result.  This will always depend on the individual and their specific illness picture, which A.R.T and practitioner expertise can help to narrow down.

Discuss your 5 Levels of Healing with one of our practitioners today. 

By Fallon Cashell

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