Apart from feeling pretty average health wise what other signs can we see in your blood that you need a “detox” with you natural health care practitioner?

As the integrative medical scientist at Merge health I utilise microscopic blood analysis which is a fantastic screening tool to see where your health is really at.

There is so much that I can see under the microscope that tells me it’s time to make some changes and the best place to start is with a “detox”.

So what cool things can we see under the microscope during your appointment with me that tell me you may need a “detox”:

  1. Signs of “Leaky” Gut: Hypersecretory platelets or bubbling around platelets which are the small blood cells that help our blood to clot. This is a sign of low level immune activation and is most commonly associated with “Leaky” Gut.
  2. Signs of Liver Stress: This happens in the liver when the body is inflamed and the liver is struggling to cope with detoxifying all the rubbish coming through for example from an unhealthy digestive system. Liver stress is the step before actual liver damage which is where there is physical damage to the liver cells and in turn these markers go up on your routine blood tests.
  3. Inflammatory Markers: Include red cell aggregation and protein linkage where raised inflammatory proteins in the blood cause the red cells to stick together and to the slide. This is an issue because it really does underpin your health. “Chronic Inflammation drives chronic disease! This includes diabetes, heart attacks, stokes, auto-immune disease and even creates an environment where cancer can develop and proliferate!”  So we do not want any indicators of chronic inflammation in your blood.
  4. Signs of Fat/Sugar Dysregulation: Getting a bit cheeky with your diet? I can tell! Seeing cholesterol/triglyceride packages called chylomicrons in your blood after a period of fasting or it not clearing adequately after eating tells me that there may be issues with your fat/sugar metabolism and we need to investigate further.
  5. Signs of Dehydration: Not drinking enough water? I can tell that too as red cells are great markers of many aspects of your health including dehydration. And as red cells live for 120 days I can see what’s been happening in your body over that time so you can’t cheat and top up on water the day you see me. Adequate water intake is essential to support the body’s own detoxification processes.
  6. Signs of Oxidative Stress: Oxidative stress damages our DNA and is what ages us. Definitely not what we want especially as we age. I look for signs of oxidative stress in your blood and then your practitioner can look at ways of supporting your body better which usually starts with a “detox”.

So by reviewing these parameters in your blood and many others including your immune function and nutritional status can give your practitioner all the detailed information to help you get back on track with your health! To see me for microscopic blood analysis no referral is needed. Book us an appointment or by calling Merge Health though 03 9889 8008.

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