Now is the time to shake off the dust that has collected. Now is the time to unburden yourself from the things that are weighing you down. Now is the time to chase away the dark clouds & embrace the sunshine. Spring cleaning has never been more poignant! With any period of stagnation comes an accumulation of unnecessary things – unhealthy habits, possessions we don’t need or use, routines & behaviours that don’t serve us. Use this changing of the season to reinvigorate you. Give yourself the opportunity to reevaluate where you are now & what direction you want to go. Be purposeful, set goals, and indulge in things that bring you & your loved ones joy.

How can we shift from a habit that holds us back to one that propels us forward? Look at a routine that you currently have & see if you can substitute it for something that serves you better. This might require a few small, incremental steps, or you may prefer one big leap. For many, consuming alcohol has moved from a sometimes thing to frequent habit. Try swapping out your alcoholic beverage for an indulgent non-alcoholic drink.

Here are some simple, delicious, & healthy drinks that you can make a part of your night time routine.

Purple Punch Iced Tea
– Tea Tonic Blue Magic Iced Tea (1 teabag/1-2 tsp per person)
– Sliced Lemon
– Blackberries
– Ice

– Place tea in a tea pot or jug
– Add boiling water & steep for 7-10minutes
– Strain the tea leaves
– If you have time, place the tea in the fridge to chill.
– When ready to serve, place sliced lemon & a small handful of blackberries in the glass with ice
– Fill the glass with tea & enjoy!


Iced Lunar Latte
– NutraOrganics Lunar Latte (2 tsp per person)
– Vanilla Beans (thumbnail size)
– Almond Milk (200ml per person)
– Ice

– Add Lunar Latte powder to a little bit of boiling water to dissolve
– Transfer this to a blender & add the almond milk, vanilla beans & ice
– Blitz until smooth
– Pour into tall glasses & enjoy!


Velvet Latte
– NutraOrganics Lover’s Latte (2 tsp per person)
– Vanilla Beans (thumbnail size)
– Almond Milk (200ml per person)
– Freeze Dried Raspberries

– Add Lover’s Latte powder and vanilla beans to a small amount of hot almond milk
– Stir to combine
– Add the remaining hot almond milk
– Top with freeze dried raspberries & enjoy!


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By Sarah Bakker

Merge Health Coach

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