It can be hard to make the transition from grabbing breakfast out of a packet of from a box. The aim is to be able to get fresh, unprocessed food and to be organised.

What can I eat?

Eggs are usually a favourite, cooked with butter or some other saturated fat that is more stable at cooking temperatures. Scrambled, fried, or poached. With some spinach and bacon. Other forms of protein such as salmon are a good choice.

Avocado with that and with some vegetables, from our premade container (see another post for details) to accompany the eggs or protein is another good idea because the fat in them keeps one more full for longer.

Pancakes that are made from some non-grain sources are good, such as banana flour with a small amount of fruit or pancakes from almond meal leftover from freshly made almond meal.

Green smoothies are a convenient way of having breakfast, which slightly cheats on the processed part but is definitely a better option than cereal out of a packet or breakfast drink which is full of sugar. Grind some flax, chia, and hemp seeds in the blender. Lots of green vegetables such as celery, kale, and anything green, in the blender (like a thermomix), added to some almond or soy milk, A little bit of seasonal fruit for some taste to sweeten, and some protein powder to fill the stomach.

A lot of people ask about coffee. For people who are physically burnt out and exhausted, it’s best to limit the amount of coffee to about 1 cup per day. Obviously, if you are consuming 5 or 6 cups per day, it’s better to reduce that. But for most people 1 or 2 cups per day is acceptable.

Last night’s dinner and leftovers are other good choices. Warmed up, it is a quick way to do the first meal of the day.

Breakfast can be a tricky meal to prepare for and needs preparation, but with some thought and organisation, it can be done.

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