What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephamyelitis (ME) is a multifaceted condition which is commonly characterised by chronic flu-like symptoms and unexplained severe fatigue for more than 6 months. Moreover, joint pain, cognitive decline, enlarged lymph nodes, digestive disorders, fever, and depression can also manifest.

What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Conventionally, the root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is not entirely understood, however it is thought to be connected to mitochondrial dysfunction, which could have different triggers for sufferers of this condition. As a result, treatment can significantly vary from individual, depending on their circumstances and specific exposures such as mould, heavy metals and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). However, we often find some interventions which benefit many chronic fatigue sufferers; so if you find yourself struggling with energy regularly, here’s a few natural ways that may help you start getting back on the road to wellness.

4 Natural ways to fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Address any underlying infections – There are many sneaky stealth infections that we commonly find contributing to chronic fatigue, such as lyme disease, bartonella, babesia and glandular fever (EBV), to name a few. The sneaky thing about some of these infections, is that they can evade conventional testing and consequently show up as negative, when in fact they are just hiding enough that the immune system won’t register it. Autonomic response testing is an effective modality that can check for the resonance of these infections, whilst also tailoring an individualised protocol with the use of herbs, supplements and lifestyle to address any pathogens contributing.

Address electromagnetic smog – It is not yet common knowledge that non-ionizing radiation impairs our energy (due to mitochondrial dysfunction) but clinically it is commonly seen that chronic fatigue syndrome and exposure to radiation go hand in hand. A few simple tips to reduce exposure are:

  • To turn the router off at night when sleeping or when not using the internet,
  • Put the mobile phone on flight mode when not in use and,
  • Use cable connections instead of Bluetooth.

Swapping the spring mattress for a healthy latex one (like Aussie made and owned brand Fern) also helps to reduce exposure, as the springs in the mattress act like conductors for radiation.

Light therapy – Red and near-infrared light therapy helps energy production due to the light penetrating the skin and stimulating a molecule called cytochrome C oxidase. Near infrared and red light therapy also helps to reduce oxidative stress, which is often elevated in chronic fatigue syndrome and contributes to joint and muscle pain, making it an effective modality for fibromyalgia, which is commonly accompanied with CFS.

Sleep hygiene – By establishing a healthy sleep regimen, energy can drastically improve. Some simple ways to promote better sleep is to commit to going to bed at the same time every night (ideally before 10pm) to condition a healthy circadian rhythm. Reducing blue light exposure at night is also really important, as blue light blocks melatonin (our sleep hormone), so using blue light blocking glasses and apps on the laptop and phone like Iris are some great tools to help get you feeling sleepy at the right time. Exposure to sunlight first thing in the morning helps to signal to the body to produce cortisol and further regulate a healthy circadian rhythm.

These are just some of many ways that can help naturally fight chronic fatigue. If you still find yourself struggling it may be time to book into see us for root cause medicine.

By Fallon Cashell

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