Have your IVF cycles been put on hold due to COVID-19? This is a very distressing and challenging time for women, with the uncertainty of when they can restart again, and if they will be able to.

Time and age pressures can really weigh heavily on a woman when doing IVF, and having to postpone it will only increase that stress. Rest assured there are some things that you can do to help preserve your ovarian reserve and improve your egg quality while you wait.

This may even be the time that you have so sorely needed to focus on getting your body “fertility ready”. This may be a time when you can try to reestablish a regular cycle, improve your fertile mucus, learn to naturally initiate ovulation or naturally tackle endometriosis, PCOS or cysts. 

5 main things you can do to improve your fertility right now

Ensure you are eating a healthy diet:

This means a diet consisting mainly of vegetables, good quality proteins, fruit and whole foods. Take on the Mediterranean style diet that focuses on high vegetable intake, high omega 3 fats, whole foods and good quality proteins, as this has been proven to increase IVF and natural fertility outcomes.

Use antioxidants such as CoQ10, fish oil and Vitamin E: 

These antioxidants have been shown to improve fertility outcomes and shown to preserve egg quality in research, when taken at the right doses.  


A deep, restful sleep every night will help you to balance your natural melatonin levels and general hormone balance. Research has shown that women and men who got 8 hours a night sleep had better fertility outcomes. 

Don’t eat bad things:

Minimise or avoid alcohol, sugar, processed fats and processed carbohydrates. These can lead to numerous problems with health, one of which being hormonal imbalances. So often in the clinic I see women whose PCOS symptoms or their amenorrhoea (lack of ovulation) can be reversed simply by changing their diet.

Investigate and educate yourself about what your hormones are doing:

Now is the time to understand your endometriosis, PCOS or ovarian cysts or other hormonal imbalances better, to look at what are the drivers of your condition, natural medicine can do to help. 

Now is the perfect time to get your fertility ready! To evaluate your hormones and see what you can do to help your fertility,  book in to see Samantha, our Fertility Naturopath. Video & Telehealth consultations available. 


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