Tania Delahoy

Integrative Medical Scientist

As a medical scientist I have over 20 years experience in diagnostic pathology primarily in Clinical Haematology and specialist blood morphology. I have worked in several hospitals and private pathology in New Zealand and in Melbourne .

After additional training in integrative pathology I now offer a microscopic blood analysis and other specialised integrative pathology services including nutritional genomics and pathology review. I am passionate about integrative medicine, it is an ideal way to combine my love of natural health care with my expertise in clinical pathology.

Microscopic blood analysis can pick up subtle, early changes, sub clinical pictures or what I like to cause the early warning signs of a more serious health issue brewing making it an ideal screening tool for new patients, weight loss clients, athletes wanting to get a competitive edge, for patients with chronic health conditions or those with complex health issues and for children.

Plus patients really enjoy seeing their blood on the screen in front of them, they get to be involved, take an active part in their health care and see the improvements as they progress along their health improvement journey. Seeing really is believing.

Services Offered

  • Microscopic Blood Analysis
  • Pathology Review
  • Nutritional Genomics
  • Integrative Pathology Testing & Interpretation

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Integrative Medicine

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