Fallon Cashell

Practitioner Assistant

I’m currently a third year Naturopathy student with a particular interest in biotoxins, stealth infections, lyme and ME. During my degree I have also undertaken other areas of study such as reiki, astrology and autonomic response testing, which all have opened my eyes to universal truths and expanded the way I view holism and health.

Preceding my naturopathic studies, I was a third year psychology student and fell very sick towards the end, which ultimately shifted my direction into holistic health. Now fast forward and you’ll find me either practicing qi gong or experimenting with tonic chocolate recipes and other dietary friendly cooking in my spare time!

I can help you with…

Nutrition & Naturopathy
Kids, Fertility & Women’s Health
Gut Health Diet
Autoimmune Disease Treatment
Lyme Disease Treatment
Chronic Fatigue Treatment & Mental Health
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